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Thanks to Gunner of Aspiration for sharing this method. 



To help bring out perspectives on an idea or idea


Space required / room set-up

An open floor 

Materials/equipment needed 
  • Tape
  • Flipchart paper and stands (or something that can help label the points along the spectrum)
  • Markers 



As described on Aspiration’s website:


“A group exercise which has proven quite effective at a range of events around the globe is the ‘spectrogram’. In a spectrogram, colored tape is laid out across an open floor. Ideally the tape stretches 15-20 yards/meters. One end of the tape is marked as “Strongly Agree”, and the opposite end is labeled as “Strongly Disagree”. Cross-marks are made at the 25%, 50%, and 75% points along the line.


Participants are then read a short, controversial or extreme statement. Those who agree with the statement are invited to move toward the “Strongly Agree” end of the line, positioning themselves closer to the end if their agreement is complete and towards the center if their agreement is mixed. Those who disagree with the statement are invited to do the same in the opposite direction.


The facilitator then “interviews” people along the line, asking them why they are standing where they are. Passion is encouraged in describing positioning, and listeners are encouraged to shift their position on the spectrogram as points are made which alter their thinking and perspective on the question.”








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