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Introducing KS Methods and Tools: A Facilitator's Guide


Survey for curriculum updating - notes


Guide Overview


User 1: A KS Workshop Approach 

User 1 wants to develop capacities in the use of KS methods and tools among their IFAD project colleagues or stakeholders. They have the time capacity and financial resources to design and facilitate a workshop and can provide ongoing support or coaching following a workshop as part of a larger KS strategy. S/he:

  • is acquainted with the KS tools and methods - possibly having participated in a KS Methods and Tools workshop themselves and/or gained substantial experience in introducing KS methods and tools in the workplace
  • is comfortable facilitating groups of up to 25 people  
  • has the ability to invest serious time and energy (especially compared with the two other user groups) and is comfortable taking on a higher degree of risk that comes with the investment.


Workshop Preparations


KS Entry Points & Options 

Learning Before, During and After

List of Resources



User 2: Introducing a method or tool during a meeting or workshop or a focused KS session

User 2 wants to introduce and possibly develop capacities in the use of KS methods and tools but doesn't necessarily have the resources i.e. time, capacity and finances to design and deliver a full KS workshop program and provide ongoing support post-workshop. S/he:

  • sees the integration of KS methods and tools into a meeting, workshop or event as a way generate interest and awareness in KS 
  • would be comfortable organising a mini-KS workshop i.e. possibly between 2-4 hrs to introduce a couple of methods or tools as an activity within a larger KS strategy 
  • is comfortable identifying relevant and appropriate KS entry points for their context and related methods and tools
  • is not necessarily trained as a facilitator but understands process having previously facilitated groups of various sizes
  • recognises the work as an opportunity to enhance their own facilitation practice prior to the delivery of a KS Methods and Tools workshop.




Options covered in this guide:







User 3: Using KS methods and tools to enhance work

User 3 is simply interested in the integration of KS methods and tools to enhance their work.




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